About Us

PT Nijimaru Kemasindo Sentosa was founded in 2015. The company fisrt started as a cosmetic and healthiness toll manufacturing (jasa maklon) in Ciawi, Bogor – indonesia. As business goes ojn and opportunities from our loyal customers, we begin to explore in engineering and system integration.


Aim to become the best Engineering and System Integration in Indonesia by providing innovative people and Automation, Enterprise integration and Strategic manufacturing Solutions. We build networks of clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries, such as: oil and gas, Power generation, Chemical and petrochemical, Pulp and Paper and more.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading enginerring companies and systems integrators in Indonesia that is profitable for us and our customers to improve business performance together. With a focus on manpower supply, services in the fields of civil construction, electricity & instrumentation, fabrication & mechanics, certification, system integration, software development and solution.

vision nijimaru

Our Mission

  • NIJIMARU is dedicated to growth and the satisfaction of its customers, the shareholders and the development of its employees.
  • NIJIMARU as systems integrator with unparalled industry experience and professional team ready to serve and tackle any projects big or small.
  • NIJIMARU provide the right mix of services, expertise, and experience to help increase productivity, optimize plant assets and improve financial performance accross your enterprise
mission nijimaru

Our Value